Stan “CurlyTop” McCrary


You may recognize Curly Top from the pages of Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Ironman, MuscleMag, as well as television appearances in several football commercials, including ESPN. Curly Top is now a pro bodybuilder with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Stan was raised in Fort Valley GA. He attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, where he played football and ran track. He graduated Cum Laude with a BA degree in criminal justice.

On the Football team there were two guys named McCrary. Stan was offense and the other guy was defense. His name was McCrary too. When the coach shouted “McCrary, get on the field!” both ran out at the same time. The coach then yelled “I meant Curly Top! “From there on, everyone started to call him Curly Top.

While playing football for the Dallas Cowboys team, he injured his shoulder. They placed him on waivers, and put him into a rehab program. While rehabbing his injured shoulder his frat brother Jonathan Williams took him to join a gym named “Superman Blunt Fortress of Fitness” where he introduced him to Lee Haney. Haney was a 3X Mr. Olympia winner at that time, and Lee told him he had a lot of potential.

After joining the gym in March 1984 they put him in a contest, where he barely had time to prepare for it, and he won 1st place.

Lee Haney became his mentor and gave him valuable information that helped Stan progress quickly. When Lee opened up a gym in Atlanta called “Lee Haney Animal Kingdom”, Stan became the manager.

Above all, Stan’s comfort is his down time with his beautiful kids, T’Erica , Tyler and London. Which he considers the greatest achievements of his life.

Stan loves going out to different schools giving motivational speeches to kids. Showing them how powerful their mindset and outlook on life can be, he helps to put them in a positive environment. His past experiences help emphasize how anyone can turn their life around no matter what happens.

As of today Stan coaches and trains athletes to make their fitness goals and dreams a reality. In the near future, he plans to manage and own his own gym, where he can continue helping others.

When most people train, they do so with heavy weights and low reps. Topamania is the opposite.

Stan says “Lee Haney was my mentor. He is an advocate of good technique, and I learned from him. His training partner was Ty ‘Ropeman’ Felder, and he was a very strong guy for his size. He weighed only about 180 pounds, but he was stronger than Lee was. What I did was incorporate Lee Haney’s style and Ropeman’s strength into my own style, the Topamania style.”

Topamania trains with heavy weights and high reps. As he increases the weight, he increases the reps. Giant sets, supersets, and Tri sets area also implemented.

It’s unique, it’s unorthodox, but it works. Stan’s the living proof.

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